Here’s a recipe for a pancake which I’ve originally received from somewhere, and which after numerous tweaks and improvements to the proportions of the ingedients, the ingredients themselves as well as the baking procedure, is effectively an entirely new recipe. The ingredients are: 1 l milk (oat milk has been proven to be a good […]

Lemon pie

This is a recipe for a lemon pie. It consists of a base and filling. Ingredients The base ~ 2 dl of fine spelt flour ~ 2 dl of coarse spelt flour spelt flour can be substituted for wheat flour in case of an emergency 65 g of butter 0,6 dl of canola oil (or […]

Configuring network with dropbear-initramfs

The dropbear-initramfs package in Debian is intended to help unlocking encrypted partitions remotely from initramfs. In other words, it can be used to unlock an encrypted block device that may well include the root partition. Officially only a single IPv4 address may be set up in a convenient way. This weblog post shows how to […]

Installing Debian on QEMU virtual serial port console

Most commonly the guides for installing (GNU/)Linux distributions in virtual machines such as QEMU (+KVM) involve using emulation of a graphics display. This is most likely because it’s convenient, and most installation programs default to using VGA display on PCs. While this is mostly effortless, there are a few drawbacks. VNC requires listening a TCP […]